Friday, February 17, 2012

goodfoodgirls, established in 1999

In 1999, while compiling a cookbook to give as Christmas gifts, two friends since pigtails and three-legged races became the goodfoodgirls. (That's how they'd announce themselves to be buzzed into eachother's apartments.) The first cookbook was the culmination of their very best party recipes, fancy cocktails and dips to impress boys they were trying to date, and dinner party menus very informed by their mothers, who came of age during the Joy of Cooking era. Those mothers impressed upon them the very vision of what it meant to be a [gfg]*, and now, 13 years later, these girls are still making good food for their family and friends and ready to create a community of part-time home cooks.

From bookclubs to weeks of family in town, to baby showers and birthday parties, they've lived apart over the years, weighing in on eachother's culinary adventures through e-mail. There were shared mishaps, like when lori's tortilla soup was too spicy and thin (to which she added pureed corn tortillas) or when sara's breadmaker bounced right off the counter. The result is one part reality and one part gumption, a sprinkling of nostalgia, and many years to rise to what we've become-- mothers, career women, sure, but a bit of girl of the goodfood kind.

goodfoodgirls make
*good food, always
*the most of their time at the table together with those they love
*the effort to create occasions and ritual
*life meaningful through food